A photo of Paul Demers

Oh, hey there. I’m Paul Demers, a Boston-based purveyor of fine designery for the Internet.

But wait, there's more…

In a nutshell, I'm a web generalist that hand-crafts effectively simple solutions to complex design problems. I create platforms that empower clients both large and small to showcase their products and services on modern phones, tablets, and desktop computers. For more details about my work you can check out my resume.

Day to day activities…

Waking Hours

By day, I am a UX Consultant at Cantina, a digital product and services agency in the Fort Point Channel district of Boston, where I provide clients with front-end design and development.

After Hours

By night, I am the co-founder of Drinking Sherpa, a libation tourism company. I am also an avid cyclist, percussionist, and dad to a three-legged half Black Lab, half German Shepherd.

Elsewhere on the interwebs…